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We source the finest loose leaf teas from the best tea growing regions from around the world, giving you the opportunity to taste the best single origin and single estate teas.   Much like wine, where the tea is grown has a significant effect on how it tastes.  The differing terroirs around the world create a wide range of favours, colours and aromas, for example a low grown Assam is strong and malty and a high grown Darjeeling is light and fruity.   Each one of our teas has been specially selected to show off the best examples of each region has to offer, whether its from Kenya's Great Rift valley, Southern India's Blue Mountains or the hilltops of Sri Lanka's Dimula region.

We also hand blend high quality breakfast teas, for a taste and quality you will not get anywhere else.  All our flavoured blends use only real natural ingredients to create real flavours, we don't cheat by using flavourings or oils.  We also stock some of finest the best herbal caffeine-free infusions, from whole leaf peppermint to rich nutty Rooibos.

Teas to get your morning started