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We belive there is a significant barrier to trade selling loose leaf tea. Firstly is the lack of knowledge on how to brew loose leaf tea, which is why all our packs come with brewing instructions which are simple and easy to understand, for example, using tea spoon measurements instead of weights.

The other issue is the type of brewing accessories available on the market, there is a definate focus on aesthetics overs functionality. All our accessories are the most functionality easy to brew and clean, and now all our packs come with loose leaf teabags as standard. Loose leaf has never been so easy.


There are a lot of different kinds of tea out there, green, white, yellow, oolong, puerh, however we think Black Tea tastes the best. It gets used in cheap breakfast tea blends, so there are false connotations that they lack quality or aren't as healthy as some of the other types of tea. It is R-tea's mission to break down those barriers to show the world that black teas are delicious, diverse, versatile and healthy. 


We care bout the environment and want to make sure that our business does not have a net negative influence on the planet.  This is why we constantly strive to make our packaging more recylable and compostable. Our current packs are fully compostable, from the pouch to the teabags to the tea itself, all of it will breakdown without leaving a trace.  Our capsules are fully recyclable and we use eco friendly packing in all our delivery boxes.


In order to obtain the quality R-tea demands, all our teas are loose leaf tea, as we believe this is the best way to drink quality tea. It is therefore also our objective to make brewing loose leaf teas as simple as possible, supplying the best types of strainers and advocating our easy use loose leaf teabags.


Ross Thomson

R-tea was founded by Ross Thomson, who’s passion for quality tea has built been up from years of experience working in a variety of areas of the tea industry; from large scale teabag production, to high end premium loose leaf and also organic herbal infusions. He is a qualified tea and coffee taster, with further qualifications from the UK Tea Academy as well as industry standard certifications in food safety.


His experience gives him the knowledge to create skilfully unique blends using carefully selected high quality raw materials. Cheap flavourings or oils are common place in the tea world, but you will never find these artificial quick fixes in any of the R-tea range. Ross believes real tea is about the natural infusion of real leaves, flowers, seeds and roots to create delicious flavours.

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