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Enjoy your tea adventure

Our Divine Darjeeling is a single estate 2nd Flush tea harvested in the summer months and has a unique woody character complimented with a sublime fruity sweet finish.   A real easy drinking tea you can enjoy over and over again.


We source our Darjeeling from the Orange Valley tea estate in Darjeeling. Situated on top of the blue mountain near the town of Darjeeling, this garden produces unique high quality tea and holds many certifications such as Organic, Rainforest Alliance, UTZ, ETP and Fair Trade.


Standard Pack - 30g - approx 10 cups of tea
Large Pack - 100g - approx 40 cups of tea
Deluxe Pack - 200g - approx 80 cups of tea
Luxury Tin - 100g - approx 40 cups of tea


New to loose leaf? Try adding teabags

Make brewing loose leaf easy by adding our refillable teabags to your order. Just add a few teaspoonfuls of tea to the teabag, pull the drawstring and brew as normal.  They are fully compostable and completely plastic-free so they are also the eco-friendly option too.

Distinguished Darjeeling Tea


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