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Tea Accessories

We only stock the best most functional tea brewing kit. From tea strainers to teabags, brew your loose leaf simple and easy.

R-tea offers the most cutting edge tea brewing technology for the home. Our core aim is to make loose leaf easy, how we do that is through our teaware. Functionality is paramount to everything we stock. We dont want it to be complicated, or messy or time consuming, our goal is to make loose leaf clean, quick and easy.


The best and easiest loose leaf teaware is our loose leaf teabags. They are quick, easy and plastic free. Simply add tea and pull the string, stick it in your cup and brew just like a normal teabag. The other benefit of the loose leaf teabags is that they are made of wood pulp and 100% plastic free. Most teabags contain a lining of plastic in order to seal the side but our teabags are sealed using a special ultrasound 9method to avoid the need for plastic. So you can throw you teabags in the bin,knowing they will biodegrade and good for the environment.

We have the ultimate mug infuser which is light, stylish,functional and easy to clean. 

Our experience in tea over the years means we have used many different types of infusers, most of them are terrible. The infusers either crush the tea leaves, or don't allow you to halt the brewing process or are an absolute nightmare to clean out. 


The teapots we use are specially selected based on their attributes. The small teapot is a one cup teapot so that you brew and then pour the entire thing into a cup when perfectly brewed. It has an in build loose leaf strainer and is stylish square glass shape that is easy to pour. R-tea’s large teapot is big enough for 4-6 cups, so perfect for when you have guests round. It also has a unique plunger technology which means that when you have brewed your tea to perfection you simply push down on the top and it seals the tea leaves. This keeps your brew from being over stewed or having to mess about with removing scalding hot loose leaf baskets from the teapot when you reach the optimum extraction point.


We also stock temperature control kettles, perfect for brewing teas at different temperatures. This function is perfect if you are drinking R-tea's green tea as this needs to be brewed at eighty degrees.


We also have a range of double wall cups, which we think are the best because you can actually see and appreciate colour of the tea. The small double wall cups are perfect for quick easy delicate cups of tea that look great and wont burn your hand. The large double wall cups are for those where only a big mug of tea will do. It fits nearly 350ml so more than enough to satisfy your tea needs. Finally for those who drink tea on the move we have the stylish double wall travel mugs which are made from borosilicate glass, are heat resistant so won't burn your hand,  have a food grade silicone sleeve for grip and are environmentally friendly BPA free.

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