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Mint Infusions

We stock the finest mint teas, from the classic whole leaf peppermint leaves to carefully crafted mint blends.  So you can reap the benefits of what these powerful leaves have to offer.

R-tea has a number of healthy caffeine free herbal loose leaf teas which include; rooibos, chamomile, peppermint, spearmint and ginger.  They are made from real natural ingredients with nothing added.


Rooibos comes from a bush grown in South Africa. It brews a dark reddish colour and has a strong sweet taste. Its strength and colour makes it comparable to black tea, it also gives it enough body to go really well with milk. It is healthy and caffeine free, perfect to drink in the evening before bed.


Chamomile tea is made from the flower heads of the chamomile plant. It has a subtle flowery flavour with a hint of apple. It is well renowned for its calming properties that can help people get a good night's sleep. However it also contains essential oils which are good for the stomach and can aid digestion. Both our Sleep Easy and Sweet Relax blends use chamomile for both its taste profile and  heath properties.


Peppermint and spearmint are both mint teas. Peppermint has a savory menthol flavour but spearmint has a sweeter minty taste. They are both made from real leaves of the plant and sre both good for digestion after meals. Their colour and body are similar to a black tea  although i would not recommend adding milk. Our Cool Mint is a delicious blend of both peppermint and spearmint and our Blue Mint combines both mints with our smooth Blue Hills black tea, which is a personal favourite of ours. We also carefully blend together spearmint snd chamomile to create our Sweet Relax tea,with just go perfectly together to create authentic sweet tea for drinking in the evning or after meals.


Ginger root is light in colour when brewed but has a strong firey flavour. It also has a long list of health benefits, such as helping with nausea and upset stomachs,to helping releave certain symtoms with cold and flu. It is the superhero herbal tea and we use it in many of our blends. Sleep Easy blends ginger with chamomile for a special tea that helps settle down your dinner and set you up for a good nights sleep. Ginger Lemon is blended with real lemon peel to create a zesty blend which is delicious and really useful if your blocked up with a cold.

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