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Enjoy your tea adventure

This delicious caffeine free herbal blend combines calming chamomile and sweet spearmint to create a moreish relaxing brew that is perfect when your trying to wind down.


Standard Pack - 15g - approx 10 cups of tea
Large Pack - 50g - approx 40 cups of tea
Deluxe Pack - 100g - approx 80 cups of tea
Luxury Tin - 50g - approx 40 cups of tea


New to loose leaf? Try adding teabags

Make brewing loose leaf easy by adding our refillable teabags to your order. Just add a few teaspoonfuls of tea to the teabag, pull the drawstring and brew as normal.  They are fully compostable and completely plastic-free so they are also the eco-friendly option too.

Sweet Relax Tea


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