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A rare and special single estate sencha green tea grown in the mountains of Japan on southern island of Kyushu.  This refreshing tea has delicate sweet buttery notes with rich grassy overtones.


Grown in the Chiyonoen Tea Gardens in Yame at an altitude about 600 meters.  In this region the temperatures are cooler which mean the new shoots grow slower, it is also close to the Ariake Sea providing these mountains with an abundance of fresh sea air. These factors are all combined to provide this  unique tea with its complex flavours.


Chiyonoen Tea Farm is a small tea garden operated by husband and wife farmers Masashi and Eri Harashima deep in the mountains of Yabe Village, Fukuoka, Japan. The 3rd generation farm specializes in high grade mountain-grown sencha and gyokuro. The tea grown on this farm is done an naturally as possible, so no pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used in the teas cultivation.


What is Sencha?

In order to make green tea the harvest leaves are heated to 'fix' them to their current state. Normally this is done in large ovens, before they are then dried to give them their hard brittle appearance.  What makes sencha different is that the fixing is done by steaming the leaves.  This steaming process gives the teas a unique flavour and also tends to hold the chlorophyll compounds making the infusions greener in appearance.


How to brew?

- 1g of tea per 100ml (so standard mug is about 300ml, so would need 3g of tea)

- Use water cooled to 70-80 degrees (special trick is to add cold water to boiling water at the ratio of 3 parts hot water to 1 part cold)

- Brew for 2 mins


You can rebrew these same tea leaves multiple time by reapplying the same steps.


Pack Sizes
Standard Pack - 30g - approx 10 cups of tea
Large Pack - 100g - approx 40 cups of tea
Deluxe Pack - 200g - approx 80 cups of tea
Luxury Tin - 100g - approx 40 cups of tea


New to loose leaf? Try adding teabags

Make brewing loose leaf easy by adding our refillable teabags to your order. Just put a few teaspoonfuls of tea to the teabag, pull the drawstring and brew as normal.  They are fully compostable and completely plastic-free so they are also an eco-friendly option too.

Clean Green Sencha Tea


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