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Enjoy your tea adventure

This gift pack contains an eco-friendly white tube filled with the tea of your choice and an easy-to-use tea infuser. Our tea is packed in stylish Gift Tubes which are made from 100% carboard which is easily recycled once your finished.  Switching to loose leaf and using a tea infuser is the most-eco friendly way to drink tea as the only waste product is the tea leaves themselves, which of course can go straight in your food waste bin.  Many tea bags you will find in the shops can contain a layer of plastic to seal the bags together, there is also alot of energy that goes into the machines which produce the teabags. .


The best way to avoid the plastic waste in your tea is by going loose leaf and this kit will get you started.



This gift includes:

1 x Recyclable gift pack with tea of your choice (50g/100g)

1 x easy-to-use tea infuser


Eco Tea Gift


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