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Plans For 2022 - Keeping It Fresh

The new year is well underway and we wanted to let you know what we have in store for 2022. At R-tea we always try to do things a bit differently to show off loose leaf tea at its best, so in the background at our tea HQ we have been busy planning a fresh new project to offer a range of unique loose leaf teas throughout 2022. The idea all started after a trip to the tea gardens high in the mountains of Sri Lanka.

Old tea factory turned into a hotel

I always thought I didn't like Ceylon tea. It tasted bland and stale. I couldn't have been more wrong. In 2018 we visited Nuwara Eliya where some of the countries best tea is produced at the highest altitude. We were staying at a hotel which used to be an old tea factory, with the active tea gardens still all around us. As per my usual routine in the morning I asked for a breakfast tea, I was given a brew made up of tea leaves which has been freshly harvested just days before. It tasted like the first days of spring; fresh, rich and a depth of flavour that could tell a 100 stories. After the first few sips, my whole perspective was changed and ever since I've been chasing that taste of freshness.

Almost all tea received into the UK comes by container ship, so by the time they reach our warehouses for processing and packing, then shipped on to supermarket shelves they can already be over a year old by the time it reaches us. While in general we have a much shorter supply chain at R-tea and try to buy as fresh as possible, but ultimately many tea's are harvested only at particular times of the year so you don't get year round supply and need to keep enough stock for the year. So year round supply of truly fresh tea is not possible. However we have decided to do the next best thing...

Limited Edition Fresh Teas

So we are excited to announce throughout 2022 we are going to select teas at harvest time and bring them to you as fresh as possible. We have invested in vacuum storage containers to store the tea as soon as they arrive to maintain freshness as long as possible. The teas will only be available for a limited time to guarantee only the freshest flavours are available.

In the coming weeks we will announce our first teas and let you know when you can get a chance to taste the freshness. So make sure your signed up to our Facebook or Instagram pages to get the latest announcements.

Speak to you all soon!


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