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Business as usual & new pack sizes

The coronovirus may be grinding the world economies to a halt but the wheels at R-tea keep rolling. We aim to bring you delicious teas to your door to keep your spirits up through this difficult time. We are adapting to the current climate by providing more post friendly options as well as reducing costs for our customers. So without further ado I would like to introduce our new packs:

We have a Standard, Large and Deluxe pack structure now, as well as a luxury refillable tin. This gives our customers more choice over pack sizes and a sliding scale of pricing. Another reason for the changes was to to make our packs more postage friendly. Our Standard and Large Packs can now be sent as a large letter which reduces the postage costs by over 60%. We are passing those savings directly onto you so that you can purchase single packs without exorbitant delivery costs. Another change see's our Standard Packs reduced in size and price but also incude 10 loose leaf teabags as standard. We want to make our tea as accessible as possible, even for those who have never drunk loose leaf before. We think that once you try our self filling plastic-free teabags you will realise how easy loose leaf can be,

Standard Pack - 15/30g - £4

Large Pack - 60/120g - £6.95

Deluxe Pack - 120/240g - £11.95

You may have noticed our Standard, Large and Deluxe are split into two different sizes, the reason for this is simply that different teas have different weights and density. For example our Awesome Assam tea is quite dense so in a Standard pack would be 30g. but Chamomile is very light so it would come in the 15g format. The weights are different but the number of cups of tea you can make per pack is the same.

Finally we have revied our tea subscription offering and made some exciting changes. We now offer an Everyday Tea subscription who want make one of our teas a regular part of their day, from just £6.99 a month

For those who like trying different teas we also offer a Tea Taster subscription from £4.99 a month where a different tea is sent to your door every month. We have over 30 teas to taste so

Despite the limitations the current pandemic crisis is putting on us all, we as a business are trying to evolve to make our tea more accessible to our customers. If you have any questions or requests then please don't hesitate to reach out us through our website or on Facebook or Instagram. Stay safe and enjoy great tea with us.

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