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Donating to the Forest of Avon Trust

We donate 5% of all tea sales to charity and this year we have decided to connect this with our environment ethos and donate the tea sales through our website to the Forest of Avon Trust.

The Forest of Avon Trust do amazing work growing and maintaining local forests and woodlands. They also do lots of great work engaging with local communities and schools to promote woodlands as part of wellbeing. As R-tea is based in Somerset we were keen to support local charities who can make a real difference to the literal world around us, but also play a small part in a much bigger cause, and possibly one of the most important challenges of our time; climate change. That's why we are proud to support the Forest of Avon Trust by donating to them 5% of all revenue for tea sales through our website. So you can brew up your next cup of R-tea knowing that you have helped put a little good into the world.

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