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Our limited edition Japanese Mountain Sencha is from the Chiyonoen Tea Gardens in Yame Fukuoka.  In this region the temperatures are cooler which mean the new shoots grow slower, it is also close to the Ariake Sea providing these mountains with an abundance of fresh sea air. These factors are all combined to provide this unique tea with its complex flavours.


Chiyonoen Tea Farm is a small tea garden operated by husband and wife farmers Masashi and Eri Harashima deep in the mountains of Yabe Village, Fukuoka, Japan. The 3rd generation farm specializes in high grade mountain-grown sencha and gyokuro. Established by his grandfather and the farm's namesake, Chiyokichi.

We source the finest teas from the best growing regions around the world.

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We at R-tea take our environmental footprint very seriously which is why we now pack all our tea in specially designed pressed paper pouches. So now when you finish your next pack of tea you can dispose of it straight into your paper waste and feel good that your not polluting our fragile planet.

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In order to give something meaningful back we give 5% of the price of your pack to support the growth of more trees and provide a positive impact with every sale we make. So that isn't just 5% of our 'profit' but 5% of all tea revenue.

All our charity donations go to the Forest of Avon Trust who help to grow and manage local woodlands as well as connecting it with the community.

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