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Nepalese Tea

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

Nepalese teas are probably the most under rated in the world, they are high grown and often bright, light and fruity. Though they share the same Himalayan hillsides as their neighbouring Darjeeling, they don't come with the same price tag. As you would expect tea in Nepal came as a result of the British planting tea bushes into Darjeeling. Quickly after the success of these, within a few years plants started making their way into several districts in Nepal - Illam, Taplejung,

Panchthar and Dhankuta. However unlike Darjeeling a successful commercial sector for exporting was never really established until nearly a 150 years later. Then in the 1990's government run plantations were privatised and small farmers incentivised to grow tea in the region.

Although plenty mass produced CTC is made by Nepal, now a blossoming othadox sector began to grow. The climate in the Eastern hills of Nepal provided optimal conditions for the production of high quality orthodox tea. Their tea bushes were young and produced better quality leaves than their older Darjeeling bushes. Such was the that demand from for these teas came from around the world and now 96% of orthodox tea produced in Nepal is exported. Our very own Nourishing Nepalese is a beautiful bright tea with a light sweet flavour. It was harvested in mid season and is the SFTGFOP1 grade, which stands for "Special Finest Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe". This is tea speak for whole leaf tea with quality golden tips.

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