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Drank too much coffee? We have the antidote

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

Do you ever get a bad feeling in your stomach after drinking too much coffee? We think we have the solution that will ease your tummy woes and get you back to feeling normal again.

Sour Stomach

Coffee contains many different acids, in particular chlorogenic and quinic acids which are important in creating the astringency flavours and can contain antioxidants, but can have a negative effect on how your gut can feel. At worst these acids can even irritate your stomach lining, particularly on an empty stomach. Added into this is the effect caffeine has on your body, which is to stimulate your nervous system leading to your body producing excess stomach acid, contributing to that sour feeling deep in your abdomen. Anyone who has consumed a lot of coffee all in one sitting will know exactly the sensation I am describing.

The Antidote

We here at R-tea think we have found the answer to this sour feeling. If we have ever over done it on the coffee, then having a cup of our Cool Mint tea immediately after makes us feel significantly better:

Cool Mint Tea

Our cool mint tea contains a blend of peppermint and spearmint which both have health benefits for your gut health plus helps to flush through and rehydrate your body. Peppermint has been used as a digestive remedy for thousands of years with references dating back to ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt.

It can help soothe, calm and relax your insides and is commonly used for many gastrointestinal ailments including stomach aches, stomach pains, stomach cramps, heartburn, gas/flatulence, indigestion and diarrhea. Spearmint also contribute to a healthy digestive system in the same vein as peppermint, it is also known to relax the stomach muscles, reducing symptoms of nausea.

Here are some other teas which are good for your digestive health:

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