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Our story starts with six single origin black teas

Every story must have a beginning and for R-tea it starts with these six amazing Black Teas. They all have slightly different characteristics, from the strong and robust low grown teas of Assam and Kenya to the light and refreshing high grown teas of Darjeeling and Himalayas.

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Blending natural flavours

From these wonderful single origin black teas we were able to create a base for a wide array of delicious tea blends from gin to chocolate orange. We believe the key to really great tasting tea is to use a good quality base tea with just the right body and characteristics, then blend in real fruits, leaves, seeds and roots to create natural healthy delicious flavours. The possibilities are endless and we are constantly experimenting with new concoctions and variations. 

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We care about the environment

R-tea is constantly striving to find ways to reduce unnecessary waste. So all the delivery packaging your tea is sent to you in is eco-friendly and fully recyclable. We encourage you to reuse your capsules and offer an Eco-Refill service where your tea is sent in the ultimate Eco-friendly compostable pack. It is made from paper and lined with a bio-plastic made from cellulose. So once you have refilled your container, you can throw your pack out along with your used tea leaves and it won't harm the planet!

We also care about our customers and have always looked for innovative ways to provide the most personal service.


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Create Something Unique

Adaptability is something that R-tea was founded on. The first tea that we sold was tea themed wedding favours, gin tea was created from a simple challenge for a birthday gift. We love creating unique tea gifts and have built our service round that. Whether it is a personalised gift for a friend or creating a custom made blend for a local cafe, we offer an adaptable service that fits round you, the customer.

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Tea Science

types of tea
R Tea Grading System

If you're like us and like tea, then you should also like learning about tea. Where it comes from? How it's made? What is the best way to brew? What is in tea? How does it affect the body? There are a million questions and we aim to answer them one by one. We look at real facts and try to grow our knowledge so we can enjoy each cup even more. So start exploring our tea blogs.

Who we are

If you have scrolled this far then you are getting a taster for who we are and what we do. But if you want to find out even more then you can visit our Who We Are page. You can also get in touch with us via the contact form on this page, we love hearing from you about any ideas or questions you have. So don't delay, fill in a form today!

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