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Tea v. Diabetes

More than 4.8 million people in the UK have diabetes. It's an illness where too much sugar in a person's bloodstream and cause has serious health implications. Thankfully it is a disease which in most cases can be controlled by an improving diet and increasing exercise. Also it appears from recent research that drinking tea could also help.

A number of studies done on the issue show that people who drink three to four cups of black tea per day could have a lower risk to type 2 diabetes than those who drink between zero and two cups per day. This effect may be due to the variety of compounds found in tea, including the types of flavonoid antioxidants. Other studies have also looked at the effect of black tea consumption on the blood sugar and insulin levels after people had eaten a meal. They found that drinking black tea may improve the body's ability to control blood sugar levels, believed to due to the major bioactive compounds found in tea.

Finally the main factor which makes tea useful when controlling diabetes is the fact that it does not contain any calories. Tea is therefore the perfect partner to a healthy low-calorie diet. Rather bland old water you can consume a calorie free beverage that actually tastes great… well if you choose to drink the kind of quality loose leaf tea we sell at R-tea of course.

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