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Reap the benefits of drinking good tea

The evenings are rolling in fast and the cold autumn nights are suddenly upon us. But with energy prices on the rise, we are all a little apprehensive about sticking the heating on. Instead you could try keeping warm and cozy with a big mug of loose leaf tea. Drinking a range of different teas has many positive health benefits too...

  • Black tea is good for energy, heart health and immunity

  • Peppermint helps digestion and has anti-bacterial as well as anti-viral properties

  • Ginger is an anti-inflammatory which can ease pain

  • Chamomile contains relaxing essential oils

  • Purple tea is packed with the more anti-oxidants than any other tea

And that is just to name a few!

Now is the perfect time to start building tea into your daily routine and reep the rewards as winter approaches. So let R-tea help you on the journey to better health this year.

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