1p for every cup


It's our mission to donate to charity 1p for every cup of R-tea that we sell. We keep track of every capsule or pack of tea we sell to tally up the total we are going donate.


How we work it out


The problem with tea and herbal are that they all have different weights and densities, for example a spoonful of chamomile is a quarter of the weight of a spoonful of breakfast tea. Added to this is that there are a multitude of different cup sizes varying from 150ml for a small cup to 500ml for large mugs. This makes it very difficult to set a uniform rule across these variables.

We had to draw the line somewhere so we decided to use our Gold Standard Breakfast tea as our benchmark and applied this accross our range of tea. Firstly you need to use roughly 1g of tea per 100ml of water and then the average cup size is 250ml, which gives us an average of 2.5g of tea used per cup.  Our large capsules are 80g which equates to a 32p donation to charity and our smaller 30g taster capsule donates 15p. We apply this value informally across all our capsules and refill packs.

1g per 100ml

Average cup size 250ml

Per cup: 2.5g of tea

1p per 2.5g sold

Who we donate to


We like to work with ground level projects so we can see where our donations are being spent. From 2019 onward we aim to work to a monthly cycle of donations to various local projects in need of help. We will post all our progress and donations info on social media, so make sure you follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram to keep up with who we are supporting each month.

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