Enjoy your tea adventure

Make up your own Tea Trio Pack by selecting the three teas you want to try. the most  and save money.  There are so many possibilities, with over 30 different teas and infusons  to choose from.


Simply pick any 3 of the following packs to make up your custom Tea Trio Pack:


Awesome Assam 30g
Kingly Kenya 30g
Distinguished Darjeeling 30g
Bright Blue Mountain 30g
Smooth Ceylon 30g
Nourishing Nepal 30g
Decaf Breakfast 30g
Gold Standard 30g
Keynsham Breakfast 30g
British Breakfast 30g
Temple Street 30g
Lord Grey 30g
Cocoa Orange 30g
Tonic Gin 30g
Red Bush 30g
Herbal Fruits 30g
Gorgeous Green 15g
Revitaliser 30g
Proper Peppermint 15g
Sweet Spearmint 15g
Mendip Mint 15g
Cool Mint 15g
Sooth & Restore 30g
Power Mint 30g
Sweet Relax 15g
Calm Chamomile 15g
Sleep Easy 15g
Firey Ginger 30g
Ginger Zest 30g
Perfect Purple 30g
Royal Empress 30g
Raspberry Leaf 15g
Frost Tea 30g
Winter Breakfast 30g
Arctic Fire 30g
Festive Spice 30g

Custom make Your Own Tea Trio