Enjoy your tea adventure

This luxury tea gift is packed with everything a real tea lover could ever want.   The ultimate tea gift includes a tin of quality hand blended breakfast tea, an eco friendly easy use strainer,  a stylish A4 tea art poster and 2 x tea taster packs.


1. Select your tea art:

Spring tea

Rainbow pour


2. For you refillable tea tin select one of our classic breakfast teas:

Keynsham Breakfast - Strong and malty

British Breakfast - Rich and bold

Gold Standard - Smooth and bright

White Christmas - Festive tea with white cornflowers


3. Tell us your tea preference for your sample packs

Don't mind - any one of our 30 flavours

Proper tea - just the real black, green and purple teas

Herbal only - only selecting the caffeine free herbal infusions


If you want to select two specfic sample teas, just follow up on your confirmation email and we will make sure your order has the teas you want.

Luxury Tea Gift