Enjoy your tea adventure

A tea trio pack that is jam packed full of antioxidants, perfect for those looking for a fresh health kick. Our Royal Empress tea is a blend of purple tea, rich in antioxidants, and lemon peel.packed with vitamin C. Our Power Mint also blends this exceptional purple tea with mints to create a healthy soothing brew that is seriously delicious. Finally finish your day with our antioxidant rich decaf Soothe & Restore blend. Three artisan hand blended teas with real natural ingredients.that can boost you through the whole day. To make life even easier all these packs come with 10 loose leaf teabags as standard.


This tea trio pack contains:


- Royal Empress 30g with 10 loose leaf teabags

- Power Mint 30g with 10 loose leaf teabags

- Soothe and Restore 30g with 10 loose leaf teabags

Antioxident Tea Trio